a typical digimon fanart by ~Chibimouto-chan


a typical digimon fanart by ~Chibimouto-chan



Drawing “Butter-fly” on the wall (by korotto5810)


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Tomodachi ~Tatakai no theme~
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Digimon original soundtrack ~ Tomodachi ~Tatakai no theme~

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I probably find this funnier than I really should.


I probably find this funnier than I really should.

sulfatetocopper asked: taichi!

How I feel: Taichi is a cool kid/awesome brother/great leader! I feel like I’ve already shared a lot of feelings for him in previous commentary posts, so I still feel the same way! (I guess it’s my fault for being addicted to character memes/wanting messages)

Romantic ship: Sora. I was never a hardcore shipper as a kid, and I don’t hate her with Yamato, but every time I see Taiora fanart on here or some such I get a lot of sad feelings regardless. Sigh.

Non-romantic: Everyone in season one, really. :3

Unpopular opinion: Hmm, a lot of people really love his crest, but I’m indifferent toward it, I guess.

Wish: Usually my wishes pertain to filling in the gaps and embellishing more on certain events, but Taichi got the most focus out of anyone. So I think I’m content!

Anonymous asked: kari!

YAY More of these!! 

How I feel: Kari’s a sweetheart. I kind of hate how her 02 dub portrayal made people think she was a tease with TK and Davis. I don’t think there was any manipulation involved, and I definitely believe she loves them both very much (in a comradely way). She’s just overall really cool. And she has such a cute voice, both in the original and the dub!

Romantic ship: Well, Takeru, but in my headcanon they date for a good while and then she might… break it off because they work better as friends? I’m sorry.

Non romantic: Well, going along with the above answer, Takeru. As well as Miyako,  and Daisuke, and Ken. So yeah, the whole 02 gang except Iori. And heck, I might have even included Iori if they, you know, hung out more. OH OH and Taichi. Because the Yagami siblings are perfect.

Unpopular opinion: I’m not a big Takari shipper, oops. I definitely don’t dislike it, I guess I’m in the “they’d be really bland and have no spark and would probably be happier as best friends” camp. Basically I image their romantic relationship to be similar to their already established friendship, so why change anything?

Wish: I wish her “light powers” were explained, as in why she in particular has them and why she gets the crest. It happens and no one (not even Koushiro for goodness sake) even questions it, haha.